VAN SOTO is an art studio based in Belgium founded and led by Jonas Soto in collaboration with artist Piet Van. VAN SOTO studio accomplished numerous creations in the form of videos, drawings, paintings, sculptures and furniture generally completed with self-developed materials and bespoke production methods. The artworks are the result of a powerful father-and-son dynamic in which their own distinctive styles are reflected throughout separate projects.

Not often are pieces co-created but the interaction/correlation rather serves as influence, inspiration and elevation. Piet Van’s original artworks and vision lay the foundation of Jonas Soto’s artistic developments and some of Jonas’ creations could be interpreted as reproductions or continuations of his father’s original art in a contemporary and more accessible form.

VAN SOTO’s mission is to produce high quality and unique creations tackling different themes for individual projects and combining creativity, mastery and bespoke techniques to push the boundary of imagination and bringing it to life.