The potential of a creative mind


Located in the historic city of Ghent, VAN SOTO focusses on the creation, exhibition and preservation of art created by artists Piet VAN and son Jonas G. SOTO. Founded in 2017 to organize the artists latest projects and developments under one name.

As a lifelong artist, Piet Van has spent the past 50 years solely engaged in the creation of his diverse art projects and creative concepts. Through his persistence, philosophy and talent, he has developed an exceptional creative intellect which expresses itself in his creations. 

Inspired by his father's art, Jonas G. Soto creates his own art and is specialized in developing applications with the patented FiberCoating technology. He is also a passionate creative entrepreneur who directs the general organization of VAN SOTO.



Piet Van's creative mind is not limited to the creation of art. Through his lifetime experience and knowledge of materials, he invented 3 patented production processes which are used in various industries. Going from a revolutionary shower system to an ecological leather tanning procedure and an innovative furniture upholstery method used for industrial applications by other companies.

In collaboration with other companies, VAN SOTO is involved in a variety of projects including the development of new creative concepts, production technologies and architectural projects. 

* 1999 Exhibition "Genetically modified cows" - Jonas G. Soto and Piet Van